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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policies focus on improving the quality of life for employees, family, the local community and society at large. We donate to charities that have a special focus on orphans, the elderly and other disadvantaged groups in society and we donate to both the Bulawayo and Harare ‘Mayors Cheer Funds’ each year.

We are dedicated to eradicating HIV and AIDS and have intensified our internal HIV/AIDS awareness programmes and extended our resources to relatives and friends of employees, encouraging them to come forward for free voluntary counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS at the company clinics with support from the ‘NewStart’ personnel.


Being the largest roofing and piping product manufacturing company in the country, Turnall offers employees an opportunity to be part of a world class company anchored on three ISO management systems. Teamwork and participative management are important aspects of our work culture.We reimburse employees once they successfully complete study programmes and our long-standing bursary scheme and scholarship scheme for students and dependants of employees in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions contributes to our company and country’s long-term manpower development goals.

Turnall also accommodates students from tertiary institutions on industrial attachments and provides an in-house training programme for graduate learnership students over an eighteen month period. The company has a sustainability team, which plays a critical role in identifying and advising management of economic, environmental and social impacts and opportunities.

Environment, Heath and Safety

Scientific and empirical tests show it is possible to use white (chrysotile) fibres, the type used by Turnall, safely and responsibly. Nevertheless, the safety of asbestos continues to be a highly contentious issue and to mitigate any risks, real or perceived, Turnall has adopted a total quality and safety culture in our management processes and employees. Accreditation to the quality, environmental and occupational safety and health standards further demonstrate Turnall’s commitment and capacity to ensure the safe and responsible use of chrysotile fibres.

Blue (crocidolite) and brown (amosite) varieties of asbestos are not used by Turnall.


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