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Measurements of commonly used products and coverage per square metre?

Endurite : Width 920mm – Cover width 875mm
Trafford tile: Width 1095mm – Cover width 1015mm
Ravenna tiles: Length420mm – Width 330mm
Number of tiles per square metre 11tiles
Average weight 4.5kg

Can Spanish pavers used on driveways?

Yes provided there is a small concrete layer underneath, for pathways you need to level the ground and compact the ground.

Do you offer after sales services?

Yes, we offer technical advice onsite and how to install our products.

Where else can we get Turnall products outside Harare?

We have distributors outside Harare, just watch out for the Turnall stamp.

Do you do Septic tanks?

Yes, easy to install and can be used a day after installation.

Do you do flower pots?

Yes, Turnall flower pot range boasts of over 100 different styled products. Also under the same range are dog kennels, benches, tables, water features and toilets. These products enhance the beauty of our homes and give a fresh look to our gardens.


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